Rose Berry Garden Series



Introducing our first collection of 2023, the sweet and refreshing Rose Berry Garden series! 🌹🍓

Rose Berry Garden Dress

A lively long dress with a sailor collar and our Rose Berry Garden print♪

Like a garden of strawberries dotted with flourishing roses, this realistic pattern keeps its sweetness grounded in classical styles.

Available in 4 colors: pink, green, navy, and wine red.

The wine red in particular is a rare color, with the vibrance of a fully ripe garden♡ Such a color-forward dress perfect for head-to-toe red outfits♪

Comes with ruffly elastic sleeves, accented by adorable little ribbons♡ Not just its elastic waist, but its back tie allows you a comfortably snug silhouette.

It even works for warmer days! Just wear it on its own with a basket bag or straw hat, and you're set for a sunny picnic

Rose Berry Garden Jumper Dress


Now for a jumper dress version of the same Rose Berry Garden print♪ 

Draped over the bust line is the eye-catching presence of lace lining, adding to the classical air of the whole piece.

Need a pair for your blouse? It has to be a jumper dress♡ Our Stand Collar Frill Blouse from this same collection would be a perfect match with its frilly collar and mini ribbons. Of course, if you already have a blouse you love, this jumper dress has a silhouette that will easily complement your whole wardrobe!

The ribbon is a detachable brooch, so you can adjust this dress's sweetness to taste for more simple looks.

Just like the previous dress, its elastic waist and back tie make it super comfortable. If that's not enough, the ties are attached with pearl buttons, adding an instant whiff of classiness♪

Heart Pattern Openwork Knit Bolero


A knit bolero with heart-shaped openwork knitting. Since this collection's dress has such a lovely collar, we gave this bolero a deep neckline so it'd layer just right underneath the collar♡

It also includes a ribbon brooch that bears a couple knitted strawberries! Feel free to attach it over either of the collar flaps, or even right in line with the buttons and ribbons

With rows and rows of heart openworks all around, this is just the cutest design ever no matter where you look♡

Its cropped length would stop just above your skirt, letting you keep that nice poofy silhouette♪

This spring, be it with dresses or jumper dresses, make sure to see the endless possibilities of this bolero♡

Strawberry Embroidery Half Apron


A half apron with cute strawberry embroideries on its two pockets♪

Add this as an accent piece to any girly outfit!

Just one of these layered over any dress would open up so many ideas already. Now consider that it comes in ecru, white, and wine red for a total of three colors. Before you realize it, you might find yourself considering each and every single variation!


All in all, a lively classical collection♡ Whether you're up for strawberry picking or a nice picnic, we hope you've found your fit ;) Get this collection in store while it's ripe!

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Rose Berry Garden Series